Marrook Farm Mild Yoghurt 375g
Marrook Farm Mild Yoghurt 375g

Marrook Farm Mild Yoghurt 375g

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Bio-dynamic yoghurt made traditional way and bottled in glass. Full of helpful probiotic Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria. This yoghurt is unhomogenised and jar set, so you'll get a bonus layer of cream at the top!
Milk from bio-dynamic farms in Victoria's western district.
In the production of yoghurt Marrook Farm use no thickening agents (e.g. Milk powder, milk solids, gelatine)- their use absorbs the whey produced and gives a bitterness to yoghurt. Marrook Farm use no anti-foaming agents for foaming problems in production (commonly used but as an aid to manufacture not mentioned as an ingredient).

Ingredients: Demeter bio-dynamic milk, live cultures.

About Marrook: Marrook Farm is a Demeter certified farm on the Bulga Plateau on the mid-north coast of NSW at about 750m in altitude. The plateau is famous for the beautiful Ellenborough Falls. Forests and National Parks surround the plateau, and abundant clear water . Marrook is a local aboriginal word meaning “good” or “happy”.

David Marks and Heidi Fallding have been Demeter certified farmers since 1985. Their commitment is to bio-dynamic farming and to producing high quality food. They have been producing yoghurt and other cultured dairy products from the milk of their own Ayrshire/Aussie Red cows since 1999. David and Heidi are one of very few bio-dynamic/organic yoghurt producers in Australia who only use the milk produced on their own farm. This gives their products a real integrity, but also leads to problems of supply in cold winters and when times are tough.

Marrook Farm believe that purity and simplicity in food production is crucial to the quality of the food produced.

Produced on the unceded lands of the Biripi people - Bulga Plateau