Hazelnuts Roasted 250g
Hazelnuts Roasted 250g

Hazelnuts Roasted 250g

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Sweet, crunchy roasted hazelnuts grown without chemicals in Northern Victoria and Northern Tasmania. Great for adding a rich, earthy edge to salads, pestos, granola or baked sweets.

If you've only ever had hazelnuts from the supermarket, you are in for a treat! Hazelnuts from the supermarket are generally grown in Turkey and are likely to be years old. Pepo Farms Australian grown Hazelnuts are always from the most recent growing season, so they are fresh, sweet and nutty.

Hazelnuts are a great source of vitamin E, copper and manganese. They also contain healthy fats and fibre to keep our bodies healthy.

Roasted on Waveroo Country - Ovens, Australia