Aphrodite Organic Feta 200g
Aphrodite Organic Feta 200g

Aphrodite Organic Feta 200g

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This organic feta from Aphrodite is handmade using a combination of fresh sheep and goats milk which is packed in brine and matured for three months. It's got that creamy tang that's so delicious crumbled over salads, omelettes, roast potatoes & soups.

Ingredients: Pasteurised sheep & goat's milk*, sea salt, culture, microbial rennet
*Denotes certified organic ingredients

100% certified organic
No chemicals or pesticides
Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)
No preservatives
Gluten free

About Aphrodite: Aphrodite makes traditional Greek feta with milk collected from small remote family dairies where their goats & sheep graze on the wild grass & herbs.

Made in Greece