Marlo Haloumi 200g
Marlo Haloumi 200g

Marlo Haloumi 200g

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Organic haloumi with a firm springy texture and salty flavour that's perfect for frying until crisp! Made from the milk of grass grazing cows. 

Ingredients: Milk*, salt, starter culture, non-animal rennet.
*Denotes organic ingredients

About Marlo: At Marlo Organic Dairy, their passion for producing the best quality cheeses and butters in the most sustainable and natural way is what results in superior tasting cheeses. Their entire range is proudly Certified Organic. The pristine lush grasslands on which their cows graze are free from pesticides and synthetics, ensuring their cows eat only organically grown grass. No additives are included during their organic cheese and butter production, allowing the genuine taste of natural goodness to shine.