Blue Bay Kefir 1L
Blue Bay Kefir 1L

Blue Bay Kefir 1L

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This kefir has a delicious velvety texture & a clean, slightly tangy taste. It includes 12 beneficial live cultures that occur from the gentle fermentation of quality milk. No added thickeners or preservatives. Handcrafted on the Mornington Peninsula..

Ingredients: Non homogenised cows milk, Live ABC and kefir cultures

Gluten Free
No preservatives

About Blue Bay : Blue Bay is a family run business that produces handmade, award-winning dairy products. They pride themselves on their delicious, quality and healthy products and are driven by their principles of simplicity, freshness and time-honoured tradition. Since moving to the Mornington Peninsula and establishing Blue Bay over a decade ago, Andre and three generations of his family have used the same methods to create their handmade and award-winning dairy products, proudly using local ingredients. As Andre often says, "I'm happiest when I'm making cheese; it's uncomplicated, fresh and delicious – the way dairy should be."

Made on Boonwurrung Country - Mornington Peninsula