Salad Mix - 150g
Salad Mix - 150g
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Organic Salad Mix 150g (packed n fully home compostable eco celophane....PLEASE TRANSFER INTO MORE PERMANENT STORAGE CONTAINER) Native to the eastern Mediterranean region and western Asia, lettuce has a long and distinguished history. With depictions appearing in ancient Egyptian tombs, the cultivation of lettuce is thought to date back to at least 4500 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans held lettuce in high regard both as a food and for its therapeutic medicinal properties. The variety of highly nutritious leaves available in mixed salad bags can make a substantial contribution to the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of many essential vitamins and minerals.

Add a tin of mixed beans, some seeds and nuts for a complete green protein meal. Make a delicious, vibrant and healthy dressing by mixing olive oil with tahini and turmeric.