Blue Bay Parmesan Cheese - 200g
Blue Bay Parmesan Cheese - 200g
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Blue Bay Parmesan, a delicious cheese made locally!

Cows milk, salt, cultures, non-animal rennet.

Located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Blue Bay produces handmade and award-winning dairy products from farm-fresh and locally sourced milk from grass-fed livestock.
At Blue Bay they pride themselves on their delicious, quality and healthy products, and are driven by their principles of simplicity, freshness and time-honoured tradition.

With milk freshness an absolute priority, Blue Bay’s driver collects milk directly from local farmers to turn it into product within hours of being milked. Utilising Blue Bay's unique pasteurisation techniques requires time and patience, ensuring that the maximum amount of nutrients are retained, resulting in a better tasting product that is high in quality and taste, which is genuinely healthy.

Growing up in Europe, Andre Kogut learnt the art of cheesemaking from his maternal grandmother, who instilled in him a passion for quality, freshness and tradition. When it came to cheesemaking, ‘simplest is best’ was her philosophy.

Since moving to the Mornington Peninsula and establishing Blue Bay over a decade ago, Andre and three generations of his family have used these same methods to create their handmade and award-winning dairy products, proudly using local ingredients.

Each family member has their own specialty in the business, and everyone contributes to create the best possible product at every stage: from collecting the milk, to brining cheese, and selling it at the farmers’ markets.

What started as a childhood lesson from his grandmother has turned into a lifelong passion. As Andre often says, “I’m happiest when I’m making cheese.”

It’s uncomplicated, fresh and delicious – the way dairy should be.

All products are made gluten free, without preservatives and animal rennet.

Taste the Blue Bay difference!

Family owned & made in Mornington Peninsula.