Microgreens Wasabi Peas 120g
Microgreens Wasabi Peas 120g
Microgreens Wasabi Peas 120g
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These beautiful organic sprouts are a perfect mix of organic pea shoots and radish microgreens. Grown right here at Fair Food HQ by Organic Microgreens.

True to their name, pea shoots taste like peas, only crispier and sweeter. Radish microgreens are peppery and sharp with a wasabi-like aftertaste. Together they're even more fabulous!

As with all microgreens, Wasabi Peas are nutritionally dense, and boast a range of health-promoting benefits.

Our microgreens are grown in Preston, beside the CERES Fair Food warehouse. We package our microgreens with oxo-biodegradable plastic, which is recyclable and will decompose in landfill.