Madame Tiger Tiger Nut Milk Barista 1L
Madame Tiger Tiger Nut Milk Barista 1L

Madame Tiger Tiger Nut Milk Barista 1L

Gluten Free Vegan Low FODMAP
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This new milk alternative is made using organic tiger nuts (actually a root vegetable)! It has a creamy, nutty, slightly sweet flavour profile. A milk with a low water footprint and low climate footprint. It's absolutely foamable, with no fear of splitting when it hits the coffee!

What are tiger nuts? Tiger nuts are a root vegetable (not a nut!), traditionally grown in West Africa, Spain and parts of Asia. They get the name ‘tiger nuts’ because they look like a small round nut with stripes that resemble the stripes of a tiger.

Where are Madame Tiger's tiger nuts grown? Madame Tiger source their tiger nuts from a woman's farming collective in Burkina Faso called Mousso Faso ‘homeland of the wholehearted woman’.

Mousso Faso is a predominantly female farming collective that was setup in 2017 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to empower tiger nut farming families to live with dignity.

The cooperative facilitates a trading relationship where farming families band together and sell direct to international customers (like Madame Tiger!) cutting out the “middle man” who seemed to be the source of some devastating problems. The cooperative also exists to improve working conditions, ensure families are paid fairly, for the children of all members to receive an education and to together promote sustainable farming techniques.

Ingredients: Water, tiger nuts (12%), Australian olive oil, demerara sugar, faba bean protein, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorous), sea salt, vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B12).

Delightfully free from dairy, soy and gluten!

FODMAP Friendly certified. Go ahead and enjoy 300ml per meal of our Original Tiger Nut Milk if you are following a low FODMAP or IBS friendly diet.

About Madame Tiger: 'We are an independently owned and family run business, that wants healthier more sustainable food and drinks to be a thing.

Madame Tiger is a brand that was born out of a passion for healthy food and obsessively tinkering around with recipes involving weird and wonderful ingredients.

I was first introduced to tiger nuts by my father in law. Tiger nuts were a staple in his diet growing up in Mali, West Africa as a snack food, a flour for cooking and a milk product. We started sharing this new superfood find with family and friends, the more we shared it, the more it became obvious that the health and sustainability creds of tiger nuts were almost too good to be true, and we needed to somehow introduce these little gems to the Australian market.

As I set out to develop a tiger nut milk, I came at if from the perspective of a home cook. I was determined to avoid ingredients like seed oils, gums, emulsifiers and e-numbers and instead sought out high quality, more natural ingredients like Australia extra virgin olive oil and locally grown and sustainably produced faba bean protein.

Before founding Madame Tiger, I was a self-proclaimed good cook and food tinkerer, who worked in marketing and the most important job for Yacouba and I is parenting our twins Mali & Kenza.

Madame Tiger strives to bring you healthy, sustainable food and drink options using our signature superfood, Tiger Nuts.'

Produced on the unceded lands of the Boonwurrung People - Carrum Downs