Reed Castille Soap Lavender 90g x2 bars
Reed Castille Soap Lavender 90g x2 bars

Reed Castille Soap Lavender 90g x2 bars

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A gentle cleansing soap scented with beautiful lavender. Suitable for everyday use, perfect as a family soap.
Castile soap is ideal for anyone with easily irritiated skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, perfect for newborn babies or the elderly who tend toward dry and thin skin. It is also ideal for anyone following surgery or needing a gentle non-chemical cleanser.

Olive oil, water, lye, local lavender essential oils and lavender grown on Nathalie's farm

Made with 100% extra virgin Olive Oil.

Always allow soap to drain on a soap dish between uses and it will last a long time.

From the creator of Reed:

"My name is Nathalie (pronounced Natalie, my parents just decided to make my life difficult and shove a h in there) and I am the creator behind REED skincare. I'm also a wife and stay at home mum to two energetic boys and another little one on the way early Dcember. I have been making all natural beauty products since I was around 15 to use myself and to give to friends and family.
My vision for REED was initially all about recycling and repurposing items destined for landfill. While these are still priorities for me REEDs vision changed when I needed to make a new batch of soap for my family. I thought I should double the batch and see if any of my family or friends were interested in purchasing some handmade soap. From there REEDs pure, natural and handmade line of skin care and natural cleaning products was birthed and continues evolve"

Made in Melbourne.