CERES 3000acres Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
CERES 3000acres Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

CERES 3000acres Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Gluten Free Vegan
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Extra virgin olive oil from this year's CERES 3000 Acres, Olives to Oil harvest. The blend includes varieties from backyards and nature strips all over Melbourne - saving 20 tonnes of olives from waste and encapsulating the community like no oil before!

About CERES 3000acres: CERES 3000acres is a social enterprise with a mission to help more people, grow more food, in more places.

Since 2014, 3000acres has been bringing people together to encourage sustainability and create opportunities for food growing in greater Melbourne through a range of urban agriculture projects.

They break down the barriers to urban agriculture by supporting communities with the skills and knowledge to grow fresh healthy food, whilst transforming underutilised land into great community spaces.

They work with diverse groups including councils, developers, statutory bodies and communities to turn ideas about growing food into fruitful realities.

Their projects and advocacy work aims to normalise food growing as an expected feature of healthy and resilient urban landscapes. Ultimately, they want community spaces to be available for people to come together, grow, learn, share and feel connected.