Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kg
Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kg

Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kg

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A wonderfully creamy probiotic yoghurt, with a layer of cream on top due to the organic milk being unhomogenised. Delicious in this bircher muesli! *If unavailable may be substituted with Schulz natural yoghurt

Ingredients: Unhomogenised Milk*, Non-Fat Milk Solids*, Live Cultures(acidophilus, bifidus, casei, thermophilus, bulgaricus)
*Denotes organic ingredients

About Barambah: Barambah Organics is a true "paddock to plate" company; the milk is sourced locally from Barambah certified organic dairy farms. The cows graze on some of the richest pastures in Australia. Their diet consists predominantly of grasses and legumes.

Made on Waka Waka Country - Burnett