Gaga's PowerKraut Kimchi 625g
Gaga's PowerKraut Kimchi 625g

Gaga's PowerKraut Kimchi 625g

Gluten Free Plastic free Vegan
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A delicious Kimchi made locally packed with taste & nutritional goodness!
Korean PowerKraut ferments naturally for many weeks, creating the perfect environment for beneficial probiotic cultures to flourish. During this process of fermentation a variety of enzymes and amino acids are produced that will repair and maintain the cells of your gut lining.

Cabbage*, ginger*, red pepper powder, Himalayan mineral salt, garlic*(1%), onion*(1%)
*Organic ingredients.

The crisp fresh flavour that comes out of every value packed 675ml jar of PowerKraut can be enjoyed in every setting. PowerKraut is a completely natural product, containing no preservatives, additives or artificial flavours. Since organic cabbages are used, PowerKraut is free from synthetic pesticide residues and the farming techniques used are sustainable, meaning it is not just good for your health, but great for the earths health too.

Made in Melbourne.