Earth Source Tofu Pressed 360g
Earth Source Tofu Pressed 360g

Earth Source Tofu Pressed 360g

Gluten Free Vegan
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Hardy and robust, this biodynamic pressed tofu wants you to slice, cube, bake, 'steak', skewer and fry to your heart’s content.

Made from 100% certified Demeter Biodynamic soy beans sourced from Australian farms by using traditional Chinese methods on modern, hygienic equipment.
What is the difference between tofu and pressed tofu?
The longer the block of tofu has been pressed during the production process, the less water content there will be and the firmer the resulting tofu will be. Firm tofu and extra-firm tofu have an almost meat-like texture, making them a perfect meat substitute when they are flavored and seasoned.

About Earth Source Foods: Over the past 10 years, Earth Source Foods (ESF) has been creating tofu that is a fine food art – Australian food – silky, nutritious and noticeably better-tasting tofu for today’s fussy foodie. By the time you’ve taken our tofu from the shelf, know that we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure the integrity of the tofu in every step of its creation. From Certified Demeter Organic Bio-Dynamic Soybeans to strict temperature-controlled store delivery, our tofu is treated with the kind of respect that has your tastebuds singing.

Made in Australia