Lospalos Coconut Oil 750ml
Lospalos Coconut Oil 750ml

Lospalos Coconut Oil 750ml

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Organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, handmade in Lospalos, Timor Leste. This oil retains the natural aroma and flavour of coconut. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemicals. Suitable for cooking, frying or skincare.

Ingredients: Coconut oil*
*Denotes organic ingredients

About Lospalos:
For Shannon French, one of Lospalos’ founders, Timor holds a personal connection. As a former soldier in the Australian Army, he served in the ISF forces which restored security in Timor-Leste following the 1999 post-independence ballot violence and protected the UN mission in 2012.

During his time there Shannon developed an emotional connection to the country and its people, returning to set up Wild Timor Coffee, a fair-trade coffee business that supplies cafes in Melbourne. Through the Wild Timor cafes, Shannon has worked to promote Timorese food, culture and coffee and successfully invested profits back into supporting community initiatives such as water projects, schools and a birthing centre.

Noticing the prolific coconut palm plantations in Timor, Shannon identified that coconut oil could potentially have similar success to Wild Timor’s coffee as an export product due to the increasing global demand.

In 2018, he personally invested and built the first coconut oil factory in Souro Village, Lospalos, which currently employs 40 people.

Produced in Timor Leste