Backyard Honey Multi Floral Honey 330g
Backyard Honey Multi Floral Honey 330g

Backyard Honey Multi Floral Honey 330g

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A local, pure, raw honey with a fresh, floral flavour. Collected from hives in Bullengarook near Gisborne. This honey is cold extracted and will naturally solidify in cooler weather. Immerse the jar in warm water and stir the honey gently for a runnier consistency.

The honey is pure, never blended and given only a light filter to remove any hive debris or bee parts.

Did you know bees will visit over 1 million flowers to make 1 jar of backyard honey? Each worker bee produces 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.

Ingredients: Honey

About Backyard Honey: Henry and Mary are the owners of Backyard Honey, an urban beekeeping business based in Melbourne with 200+ hives across the state, including 150 in Melbourne backyards. Their honey is 100% raw and cold-extracted so that it retains all its health benefits. The taste and colour of each variety is based on the nectar, pollen and soil of flowering plants within a 5km radius of where the hive is located. They hand tend every hive, harvesting honey when it's fully ripe and ensuring there's plenty for our bees to enjoy!  

Foraged from Bullengarook