The Whole Food Kitchen Soup Red Curry Lentil 500g
The Whole Food Kitchen Soup Red Curry Lentil 500g

The Whole Food Kitchen Soup Red Curry Lentil 500g

Gluten Free Vegan
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Lentils hand sourced from Kybybolite Valley in SA. Grown for their distinctive full flavour & sharp finish. They're blended with fresh garlic and hand squeezed lemon juice before tomato and veggies are added and simmered for 3 hours.
All organic, All by hand.
A pinch of cumin and a hint of fennel.

Handmade in Torquay with at least 90% Australian ingredients. All organic.

No artificial colours, flavours or fillers.

Certified organic by NASAA

Ingredients: lentils* (19%), tomato*, carrot*, zucchini*, onion*, garlic*, olive oil*, sunflower oil*, tamari*, spices*, salt*, citric, water.
*denotes certified organic ingredients

Allergen advice:: Contains soy. May contain traces of dairy or tree nut allergens.

About The Whole Food Kitchen: The Whole Food Kitchen was established in 1996 by Henry Stern in his mother's kitchen. In 2005 Henry and his family were relocating overseas, so they passed the business to Ben Thomas, a local chef from an organic cafe. Ben was determined to change as little as possible of Henry's food excellence and continued using identical cooking methods; the only significant change was that he had the existing dip range certified to organic standards with NASAA. The Whole Food Kitchen has now relocated its production to Torquay. Ben and his team continue to use the same small-batch, hand-processed cooking techniques taught by the founder and provide high-quality, local, certified organic pre-packaged dips and soups.

Made on Gulidjan Country - Torquay