Best of the Bone Broth Healing Mushroom 390g
Best of the Bone Broth Healing Mushroom 390g

Best of the Bone Broth Healing Mushroom 390g

Gluten Free
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Organic bone broth with Chaga, reishi, lion's mane and shiitake mushrooms. Contains 40% collagen protein and 20 amino acids. Helps support healthy connective tissues, muscles, bones and gut health. FODMAP friendly, GAPS and Paleo diet recommended. 30-35 serves per container.

How to use: Add a tablespoon to a mug of hot water for a nutritious broth (add spices & veggies for taste) or use as a base for sauces, soups, risottos etc

Ingredients: Australian & NZ beef leg*, Mushrooms*(lions mane, reishi, shiitake), garlic*, black pepper*, sea salt
*denotes organic ingredients

Is Best of the Bone a dehydrated powder?
No. It's a 'living' food.

How is Best of the Bone different than my broth?
You might make your broth by putting your bones on the simmer for 2+hours. Best of the Bone is made using only the thigh bone (high in marrow). We pulverise the bones and then pressure cook with no oxidation. The bones become the gelatine, ensuring the highest mineral & richest marrow content. We then evaporate any leftover water. Leaving only a rich, gut-healthy golden gelatine.

How do I store?
Preserved with evaporated sea salt it will last 12months. After opening store in cool place or refrigerate.

Why is Best of the Bone a creamy white when hot water is added?
Due to our process, with the good fats left in, high in marrow, not oxidised, and high in minerals and chondroitins.

Made in Australia