Spiral Foods Noodles Soba 100% Buckwheat - 200g
Spiral Foods Noodles Soba 100% Buckwheat - 200g
Gluten Free
Egg Free
Dairy Free
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Made entirely from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is rich in protein, minerals and bioflavonoids, and can help strengthen capillaries. It is also good for the digestion. Buckwheat contains as much vitamin B1 as brown rice and nearly twice the levels of B1 found in wheat.

Buckwheat is a small pyramid shaped grain which was first grown in Japan about 1,500 years ago. As Buckwheat does not possess the gluten that wheat has, the making of buckwheat only noodles is a true art. Soba served in hot broth as a noodle soup became popular in cold winters, and for variety, different ingredients were added as toppings.

Ingredients: Buckwheat flour, water.

gluten free, wheat free.

Product of Japan. Distributed by Spiral Foods in Coburg, Melbourne.

Spiral Foods was started in the 70's in Melbourne, with a group of alternates desire to follow the Macrobiotic way of life and is now Australia’s leading supplier of quality Traditional Foods with an emphasis on Organics. See their story and delicious recipes at www.spiralfoods.com.au