Jiva Organic Kombucha Ginger 750ml
Jiva Organic Kombucha Ginger 750ml

Jiva Organic Kombucha Ginger 750ml

Vegan Gluten Free
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A great refreshing Kombucha made from Australian fresh fruit & with a proprietary blend of green & white tea for a smooth taste & maximum antioxidants benefits. Unique double fermentation (not too fizzy, can be shaken or blended), naturally low in sugar & calories. Made in small batches.

96% Jiva Organic Kombucha (fermented with reverse osmosis water, green tea, white tea, raw sigar, Jiva Kombucha live culture), raw ginger

Real Fresh Fruit
Locally sourced, whole fruit gives Jiva a refreshing & lasting taste. Free from artificial sweeteners, stevia & other preservatives. Real means Real.

Green & White Tea Blend
At Jiva, we use a proprietary blend of green and white tea. After months of R&D, we found this lends a smooth taste profile maintaining all its essential antioxidant benefits.

Unique, Double Fermentation
We are proud to use a primary and secondary fermentation process in producing our juice-style kombucha to enhance the refreshing flavour and minimise any vinegar after taste.

Handcrafted in Sydney
We make all our kombucha in small batches, hand poured into individual glass bottles with love.

Naturally low in Sugar & Calories
As part of our ethos, we created a low in sugar & calories beverage that maintains a great taste.

Our Planet
We believe in a future for our planet. Our bespoke bottles are designed to be upcycled and reused.

Organic certified
Jiva is NASAA certified organic. All our fruits are locally sourced by our trusted suppliers who respect the principles of organic certification and understand our high quality requirements.

Made in Australia
We love our home and believe in promoting local industries and our partners. We pledge to always promote made in Australia from organic & locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.