Symons Vintage Cheddar Cheese 150g
Symons Vintage Cheddar Cheese 150g

Symons Vintage Cheddar Cheese 150g

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Symons mature their regular cheddar for at least 6 months. Around this time, they hand select the best wheels of cheddar and put them aside to age for a further six months. It has matured brilliantly and the first batches have been released in December 2017. Unlike a lot of mainstream vintage cheddars which are all tang and bite and not much else, this cheese is a subtle, but full flavoured cheddar with a lovely clean taste. Holds its own on any after-dinner cheese platter.

Ingredients: Milk* (98%), salt, starter cultures, non-animal rennet.
*Denotes certified organic ingredients

About Symon's Organic Dairy: Since 1919 the Symons family have been delivering milk in Bendigo, long before herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and GMO's were used in agriculture. Three generations on, they are passionate advocates of organic food and farming. Their delicious range of certified organic dairy products are made from milk the traditional way, with cows who feed on grass and are free to roam. Ask Bruce and he'll tell you: "That's simply Symons goodness".

Made in Mortlake, VIC