King Coconut Water 12x1L
King Coconut Water 12x1L

King Coconut Water 12x1L

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100% pure coconut water, nothing else! KING organic coconut water comes from the famed coconut triangle of Sri Lanka, home to the golden thambili (king coconut) – the only coconut harvested specifically for drinking & chosen for its electrolyte content & natural sweetness.

Coconut water is a liquid naturally present in young coconuts. It is clear and fat free, unlike the creamier milk made from older coconuts.

Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage-
a natural sports drink which re-hydrates and replenishes after a work out. It has a very sweet and refreshing taste, best served cold.
Non-Genetically Modified
Natural Electrolytes
No Cholesterol
Vegan Friendly
Zero Fat
Delicious Hydration
Clean taste
No Preservatives
Not From Concentrate
No Added Sugar

100% certified organic coconut water

Product of Sri Lanka.