Almonds A Grade - 250g
Almonds A Grade - 250g
Gluten Free
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We're pretty nuts for nuts at Fair Food, and raw almonds in particular are a favourite on-the-go snack that gives us the energy to pack boxes 33.5% faster.
Well, maybe not. But they are amazingly rich in Vitamin E, and contain a high percentage of good quality protein - particularly good for the non-meat eaters amongst us to keep fit and strong.
Like many nuts, almonds are extremely rich in omega fatty acids, which aren't just good for the odd mood swing, but for superhero brain functioning as well.

‘Manna Farms’ is a biodynamic orchard located about 50 km south of Mildura. Ian Keens planted the first almond trees about 40 years ago and after managing production conventionally for 20 years, his concern about poor soil quality instigated a search for alternative management.

Certified by Demeter.

Grown in Victoria.