Songbird Sparkling Brut 750ml
Songbird Sparkling Brut 750ml
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This alc-free sparkling wine is seriously bubbly, crisp, pale & dry with a clean finish & a subtle nose. It’s made from full strength premium sparkling wine that has had the alcohol gently removed to retain the full flavour of the wine. Made in South Australia from premium grapes.

Ingredients: De-alcoholised wine made from Full Strength South Australian Chardonnay grapes. Ascorbic Acid. Contains sulphites and traces of milk and eggs

Less than 0.5% alc vol. 22 calories per 100ml. Carbohydrate 4.8g per 100ml.
Some people recovering from addiction may find these products triggering, please consider prior to purchasing.

About Songbird: Songbird Wines are a premium range of great-tasting alcohol-free wines. Perfect for people who love to socialise, celebrate and mark an occasion with a glass of wine or sparkling, but don't want the alcohol involved.

Made in South Australia