Pierogi Pierogi Ruskie Creamy Potato Farmer Cheese  (16 per pack)
Pierogi Pierogi Ruskie Creamy Potato Farmer Cheese (16 per pack)
Egg Free
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Polish dumplings (vegetarian) filled with creamy Desiree potatoes, locally made cheese & seasonings. Every pierogi is handmade in Preston with locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. Boil or steam. 'Frozen product. Can be cooked straight from fridge or freezer.

Cooking instructions:
Cook in a pot of boiling water or steam (7 min approximately when frozen). Can be fried afterwards.

Ingredients: desiree potatoes, farmers cheese, onion, butter, salt, pepper.
Filling: Potato (39%), Farmers Cheese (7.8%), Fried Onion, Vegetable oil, Cracked Pepper, Salt.
Dough: Flour (45%), Water, Vegetable oil, Beetroot Powder.
Contains gluten/wheat and dairy.
Egg free.

About Pierogi Pierogi: For Dominika and Guy, Pierogi Pierogi is an opportunity to take the nostalgia, culture and love for this Polish dish and share it loudly and proudly to the food-loving city of Melbourne; to people who want an authentic food experience and to convert anyone that likes dumplings (who doesn’t) over to our Polish way of thinking.

It all starts with quality ingredients. locally sourced cheese, excellent quality flour, seasonal vegetables. No corners cut, everything done the slow and hard, the Polish way!

Made in Preston, Melbourne