Dr Planet Castile Soap Concentrate Unscented - 500ml Pump
Dr Planet Castile Soap Concentrate Unscented - 500ml Pump
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1 handmade Castile liquid soap unscented all natural & FOR EVERYTHING (bath, washing machine, dishwasher, make your own cleaning spray etc). All natural.No palm oil, instead using a Victorian olive oil base. Made locally in the Yarra Valley.
Dr Planet is considered a disinfectant, and is not antibacterial. To be considered antibacterial, a solution must kill 99.9% of germs. To be a disinfectant, a solution must kill 99% of germs.
Saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, distilled water, salt.

It’s finally here, or well back? and the good doctor is now prescribing the tonic we all crave.
Our kitchens, laundries, bathroom, bodies, pets and all can bathe in this miracle lather. Beware! once tried your ways will change and you will never be the same again.
Snake oil you ask? Nay, what is old is new again! One handmade soap is all that is required. The good doctor's elixir.
Day-to-day chores become an opportunity for a medicinal aromatherapy hit and to bask in the sublime Doctor Planet fragrances.
Roll up, roll up and do away with the modern ages paradigm of a different soap for every part of the home. Do away with feelings of de-humanising sanitation. Welcome to the soul stirrings, welcome the traditional, welcome the hand-made, welcome loving care, welcome change and say hello to Doctor Planet!
Made by Chris in the Yarra Valley, a mum who decided to create her own range of natural & simple products without a premium price tag, and help her son who has had allergies from a young age.