Green Street Kitchen Jamu Jamu Turmeric Tonic 750ml
Green Street Kitchen Jamu Jamu Turmeric Tonic 750ml
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A turmeric tonic wild fermented with live probiotics to boost the immune system.
An alkalizing elixir with hints of orange and spice, a little sweetness from the Jujube berries & a light sparkle. Made with organic turmeric, fresh ginger, lemongrass, Jujube berries, Navel oranges, black pepper, cassia bark & coconut sugar.

Spring Water, Turmeric, Ginger, Orange, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Jujube berry, Organic Coconut sugar.
"My journey in the food industry has been like many other chefs. I have travelled with my trade across the globe, working long days, and have found myself the victim of bad eating habits along the way - often not eating proper meals at the right time, drinking way too much coffee and enjoying a few too many alcoholic beverages. Over time my gut flora and overall health changed and I found I was unable to enjoy the foods I once had. I discovered fermented foods and their benefits at the beginning of 2014; from there I began to immerse myself in learning all that I could about good and bad bacteria and the effects certain types of foods can have on the body and overall gut health. I soon realised that I was not the
only person suffering from bad gut health. I started producing my own ferments at home, realising the positive effects it was having on my own health, I decided I wanted to offer others the opportunity to eat my healthy & flavoursome creations- this was the start of Green St Kitchen"

Manufactured in Australia.