Schulz Milk Full Cream 1L Glass Bottle
Schulz Milk Full Cream 1L Glass Bottle
Schulz Milk Full Cream 1L Glass Bottle
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All clean and ‘naked’ bottles collected for $2 refund.

$2 is included in the RRP as a deposit for the glass bottle. Once returned as per Schulz's conditions of return, we will issue a $2 credit on your account. Pure organic unhomogenised milk (single herd) made in Timboon, Victoria.
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Pasteurised at the lowest legal temperature for the best taste.

Conditions of return: Leave out your clean and 'naked' bottles for our driver to collect at the time of your next delivery.

Only bottles that meet Schulz Organic Dairy's conditions of return can be collected and refunded:

* Lid, ring and collar removed (these can all be recycled)
* 100% clean inside and out, no residue
* No chips, scratches or damage
* Make sure it's really a Schulz bottle

How to claim your refund through CERES Fair Food: Once your bottles have been collected by our driver please email us with the subject line: MILK BOTTLE RETURN, with the number of bottles you have returned that day.

About Schulz: Schulz Farm is located in Timboon, south-western Victoria, on 832 acres of very fertile land. Since 1971, 3 generations of Dairy Farmers have been working towards the most sustainable farming practices & the most delicious products possible.

Made in Timboon, Australia