Schulz Milk Full Cream - 1L Glass Bottle
Schulz Milk Full Cream - 1L Glass Bottle
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The delicious organic milk you love best now in a RETURNABLE, $2 refundable glass bottle!
Pure organic unhomogenised milk made from a single herd farm. Pasteurised at the lowest legal temperature for the best taste.

The cost of this purchase includes a $2 deposit for the glass bottle.

Refunds are processed within 7 days.
To receive a refund when you return the bottle:

Please leave out the bottles for collection with your next delivery or at one of our Food Hosts with your name & phone number associated with your account clearly written on the tag. (You can also put your own tag on the bottle if the one we send gets damaged or lost. CERES Fair Food cannot give credits to bottles picked up without a tag).

CERES Fair Food will comply with Schulz request & will ONLY accept the bottle back & provide a $2 refund when:

Glass bottle:
is the Schulz bottle (not an alternative brand or type) - our bottle has a distinct moulding with the Schulz logo. The bottle must be completely cleaned of milk residue, and have no chips, scratches or cracks.

Lid: IS CLEANED AND IS RETURNED WITH THE BOTTLE - the lid must be completely cleaned of milk residue.

Label: the new label is a cardboard sleeve that can be recycled after a single use. This does NOT need to be with the bottle unit when it is returned.

Other info on this beautiful boutique organic milk:

The cream content will change with the seasons & different types of feed for the single herd Fresian & Jersey cows.

Schulz products are truly pure, simple and delicious. Processed right on the farm in Timboon, in small batches with great care.

Schulz also makes beautiful organic yoghurt & cream.

Schulz Organic Farms is in timboon, on 832 acres of very fertile land in the South West of Victoria.

Since 1971, 3 generations of Dairy Farmers have been working towards the most sustainable farm & delicious products possible.