Demeter Milk Full Cream 2L
Demeter Milk Full Cream 2L
Demeter Milk Full Cream 2L
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A beautiful organic bio-dynamic milk with a purity of flavour that tastes fresh & natural, just the way milk should! Unhomogenised with a rich layer of cream on top as a bonus.

Demeter bio-dynamic milk is sourced from the Peterson and Pell families from the Murray & Goulburn Valley, Northern Victoria.

Since 2009, when Demeter Milk began with the Peterson family, the quality of the milk was instantly recognised for its purity of flavour and excellent testing results- this being reflected in the extended shelf life.

The cows come from a mixed herd with a strong Jersey influence, and this combined with the Petersons' and Pells' experience as certified Demeter bio-dynamic dairy farmers (36 years) makes Demeter Milk an outstanding local product.
At the Dairy Industry Awards of Australia 2013, The Low Fat received best scoring 'Certified' milk in Australia, and the Full Cream received best scoring Victorian 'Certified' milk in Australia.
Very Simply, Bio-dynamic is recognised as an enhanced organic farming method.
Demeter certified bio-dynamic farms practise environmentally safe biological methods to develope structured, humus rich soil which is essential for the developement of vibrant plants and healthy animals.
The farm works under strict bio-dynamic standards, and is certified under the International Trade Mark Demeter by the Bio-dynamic Research Institute, which has been registered in Australia since 1967, and is your assurance of a quality bio-dynamic product.
*please note - if Demeter becomes unavailable, we may substitute with Schulz