Monsieur Truffe Gianduja Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 180g
Monsieur Truffe Gianduja Milk Chocolate Hazelnut 180g
Gluten Free
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Real organic hazelnuts mixed with milk chocolate for a decadent rich addictive square block of deliciousness. Beautifully wrapped & great present for chocolate lovers.

Serving suggestion:

* Slice and spread on toast
* Cut it into pieces and sprinkle on top of a quality ice cream
Slice it and eat it alone for an indulgent moment!

Certified organic hazelnuts, 38% organic milk chocolate: sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, cacao mass, vanilla powder.

Monsieur Truffe started as a 1 man operation at Prahran market. In 2008 the location was changed to Smith St Collingwood. In 2011 they relocated at 351 Lygon St Brunswick East, which was a much larger space. This allowed Monsieur Truffe to bring in chocolate making machinery so theycould transition from chocolate melters to chocolate makers. The factory space is shared under the one roof with the cafe East Elevation. Production is visible most days through the glass separating both business'.

Monsieur Truffe source the best ingredients and use organic ingredients for all labelled 'organic' products. Monsieur Truffe operates in an artisanal way, the chocolates are all hand made and hand wrapped. All products are using couverture chocolate (high in cocoa butter).

Made in East Brunswick with imported ingredients.