Dench Pastries Chocolate Croissants (2 Pack)
Dench Pastries Chocolate Croissants (2 Pack)
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Call it 'Pain au chocolat' and be transported to France! Dench's croissant pastry dough is made with real butter & hand-rolled with sticks of Belgium chocolate. Not organic but made in Abbotsford in small batches.

Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, water, sugar, milk powder, couverture chocolate, yeast, salt, gluten, ascorbic acid, egg.

About Dench: Father and son team John and Tony Dench have been baking artisanal bread since 2005. With their skilled team, they make hand-made sourdough, lightly yeasted European style loaves, gluten-free options, and various pastries, cakes and biscuits. Dench Bakers manage the entire process from mixing, hand moulding and baking to packaging.

Where possible, Dench products are made with certified organic unbleached Australian flours, which are not only good for the environment but also contain more nutrients and minerals.

Made in Abbotsford, Australia

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