Barambah Cheddar Cheese (SLICED) - 210g
Barambah Cheddar Cheese (SLICED) - 210g
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This cheddar is named after the river that the cows daily graze along, located on the NSW/QLD border. This is a very tasty cheddar with a wonderful lingering flavour.

Milk, Salt, Non-animal Rennet, Cultures.

Barambah Organics cheeses are really tasty due to the very fresh milk that is used from their own dairy farm. The flavour of their cheeses are unique due to the varied feed that the cows receive. Not to mention the outstanding work that their cheesemakers do on a daily basis!

Barambah Organics is a true "paddock to plate" company; the milk is sourced locally from Barambah certified organic dairy farms. The cows graze on some of the richest pastures in Australia. Their diet consists predominantly of grasses and legumes. Made in Queensland.

Made in Queensland.