Gaga's PowerKraut Bavarian-645g
Gaga's PowerKraut Bavarian-645g
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A delicious and nutritious traditional organic kraut made in Melbourne.

Coming from the spiritual homeland of sauerkraut, The Bavarian is a flavour that has been enjoyed by sauerkraut enthusiasts for centuries. Organic cabbage, caraway seed, pink himalayan mineral salt and live cultures are the only ingredients in this ancient food. Free from vinegars, preservatives, additives, flavours and pasteurisation, it is rare to enjoy kraut this natural and your digestive health will thank you for it.

Organic cabbage, caraway seed, pink himalayan mineral salt, live cultures.

The crisp fresh flavour that comes out of every value packed 675ml jar of PowerKraut can be enjoyed in every setting. PowerKraut is a completely natural product, containing no preservatives, additives or artificial flavours. Since organic cabbages are used, PowerKraut is free from synthetic pesticide residues and the farming techniques used are sustainable, meaning it is not just good for your health, but great for the earths health too.

Made in Melbourne.