Cocoa Rhapsody Chocolate Jaffa 90g
Cocoa Rhapsody Chocolate Jaffa 90g
Cocoa Rhapsody Chocolate Jaffa 90g
Gluten Free
Plastic free
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The perfect combination of essential orange oil with seriously delicious dark chocolate. Hand-crafted using cocoa beans grown in the natural rainforest environment in the Dominican Republic.

These Fairtrade beans are processed to a conch time of 72 hours to produce a smooth, silky textured chocolate that delights the palate. Conching (grinding of the cocoa beans) is the most decisive element of the chocolate-making process, the longer the conch time the smoother the chocolate.

The farmers Cocoa Rhapsody sources from are paid above the market price for their beans. They also receive a 2% royalty on all chocolate sold which contributes directly to the 'hand in hand' fund for fair trade.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, whole cane sugar, cocoa butter, bourban vanilla, soy lecithin, essential Orange Oil.

About Cocoa Rhapsody: Cocoa Rhapsody is a local Melbourne Company. NASAA Certified Organic No 3684p.

Made on Woiworung Country - Melbourne