Convent Bakery

Nestled within the walls of the Convent Annexe or the Kitchen Wing are two magnificent masonry wood fired ovens built in 1901. The Convent Annexe served as a central place for the preparation and baking of all food once served at the Convent by the Sisters of Good Shepherd. It is within these same walls that the Convent Bakery and its artisan bakers now produce on a daily basis a fresh and unique style of old fashioned wood fired bread moulded by hand and baked straight on the oven brick floor.

The Convent Bakery roasts its own certified Fair Trade & Organic coffee, single origin coffee beans are available for purchase at the Bakery and a Convent Bakery house blend can be enjoyed at the café. Food is a universal issue, a social, political and cultural medium where food production and harvesting increasingly occurs at the expense of indigenous peoples and the environment, the Convent Bakery roasts and sells only certified Fair Trade coffee beans which ensure farmers get a fair price for their coffee harvest. Come and chat as we roast every day and discover the history behind the bean.