Schulz Milk Full Cream - 1L
Schulz Milk Full Cream - 1L
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Natural, pure organic milk made from a single herd farm. Unhomogenised with a layer of cream on top, pasteurised at the lowest legal temperature, this is real milk with real flavour.

The cream content will change with the seasons & different types of feed for the single herd Fresian & Jersey cows.

Schulz products are truly pure, simple and delicious. Processed right on the farm in Timboon, in small batches with great care.

Schulz also makes beautiful yoghurt & cream.

Schulz Organic Farms is in timboon, on 832 acres of very fertile land in the South West of Victoria.

Since 1971, 3 generations of Dairy Farmers have been working towards the most sustainable farm & delicious products possible.