Central Victorian Honey Grey Box 1kg
Central Victorian Honey Grey Box 1kg
Central Victorian Honey Grey Box 1kg
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This medium dark coloured honey is sweet with a complex aftertaste. It comes from the Fryers Ranges to the South of Castlemaine. This honey not heat treated & will naturally solidify in cooler weather. Immerse the jar in warm water & stir the honey for a runnier consistency.

All of Central Victoian Honey is cold extracted which preserves its natural properties.

In the extraction and cleaning process, it is not heated above the temperature that the bees maintain within the hive (about 38 degrees). This preserves the valuable enzymes within the honey which have antibiotic properties.

All of our honey comes from eucalypt forests and our bees are not treated with antibiotics.

From Daniel the apiarist.

‘I bought my first beehive when I was 14 and have been hooked ever since! I have between 40 to 50 hives and move them on a trailer to honey flows. I enjoy getting to out of the way parts of the State, camping and working quietly with the bees in the forests. In the winter I take them to the desert where it is warmer. In the summer when the Red Gum flowers I sometimes take them to the Murray which is a very beautiful place to camp. In the Autumn they may be closer to home on the Grey Box or over towards Daylesford in the Wombat State Forest where the Stringybark trees flower.’

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