Hawkers Pale Ale 4x375ml
Hawkers Pale Ale 4x375ml
Hawkers Pale Ale 4x375ml
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This pale ale strikes a fine balance between rich American hops and vibrant notes of stonefruit, citrus & pine. Brewed in Reservoir. 4.8% ABV

About Hawkers: 'Hawkers is a fiercely independent company, and with our unconditional commitment to spreading flavourful beer, we will never stop striving to achieve our goal of converting 100% of the market to drinking better beers.'

Hawkers have the largest solar array on a brewery in metropolitan Melbourne. They recycle 98% of their rubbish and they hope to make that 100%. Their used malt goes to feeding local herds of cattle!

You can find out more about Hawkers sustainability efforts on their website.

Made on Woiwurrung Country - Resevoir