Lt Cardigan Shokupan Japanese Milk Bread 910g
Lt Cardigan Shokupan Japanese Milk Bread 910g
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Japanese fluffy milk loaf made from organic & mostly local ingredients. Enjoy fresh or toasted, with butter & jam or in Katsu sandwiches.
Baked fresh on the day in Fitzroy North. Limited quantities.
Best to store your Shokupan in an airtight container to preserve moisture.

Organic premium bakers flour from Wholegrain Milling (NSW), organic cane sugar from Native (Brazil), Fine Natural sea salt from Olsson's (Qld & SA), biodynamic full cream milk from Demeter (Vic), Pure Australian Unsalted butter from the Warrnanbool Cheese & butter factory (Vic).

Made in small batches with love & care by Satoshi in Fitzroy North.

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