Holy Crumpets pack of 6
Holy Crumpets pack of 6
Holy Crumpets pack of 6
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Available for delivery Saturday only.
Handmade organic sourdough crumpets. Pan fry with butter or dairy alternative for a crisp outside & soft moist inside. 450g

Limited quantities. Baked fresh on the day in Carlton North.

Best consumed on the day, store overnight in fridge or cool place, and freeze if storing for a longer period.

Ingredients: Water, Australian wheat flour*, sea salt, olive oil, sodium bicarbonate (500)
*Denotes certified organic ingredients

Contains gluten.

Note the ingredients on the label might not mention organic as they are still the old batch of labels.

Established in 2017, Holy Crumpets took form within Melbourne's strong farmer's market scene.

Holy Crumpets are a real labour of love: made from sourdough starter, a mixture of flour, water, good bacteria & wild yeasts. No fast acting commercial yeast, giving a true fermentation. This boosts flavour, texture, aids in digestion and increases the nutrition which can't be achieved the alternative way.

Made in Carlton North