Fresh Flowers Wednesday
Fresh Flowers Wednesday
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Available for delivery on Wednesdays only. Please set your cart delivery date to Wednesday to be able to order your flowers

Wednesdays only, please set your cart delivery date to Wednesday
Fresh, seasonal, chemical-free, native cut flowers from 302 Flower Farm in Gisborne. Please leave a jar/jug of water near your front door if you will not be home when your delivery arrives. Limited bunches available.

Anna and Ray's bunches are made up of seasonal, spontaneous native flowers and foliage; you'll find blooms such as proteas, banksias, and leucadendrons. The bunches are wrapped in paper & fastened with a compostable sticker.

About 302 Flower Farm: Anna and Ray moved to the stunning 10-acre property in the Macedon Ranges at 302 Mt Gisborne Road, Gisborne in the Winter of 1992. They were captivated by the dramatic beauty of the landscape. The property is nestled 600 metres above sea level on a volcanic plain, offering views of the city skyline & Port Phillip Bay. A love of plants and the natural environment sees them constantly adding to their plant selection. Birdlife is abundant on the farm, enjoying the protea blooms. Bees buzz happily with a Flow Hive introduced in 2020. Local kangaroos and wallabies graze on the hills of the property. They follow a growing philosophy that works with nature, their flowers are grown in a natural environment and their blooms are picked at their optimum stage, offering excellence in quality, freshness, beauty and longer vase life

Product of Gisborne, Victoria