Danny Balboa's Hot Sauce Snake Oil 200ml
Danny Balboa's Hot Sauce Snake Oil 200ml
Vegan Gluten Free
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A bright & fresh Jalapeno mild hot sauce whose heat hits right on the front of the tongue & lips. The sweet burn is complemented perfectly with a zing of pineapple & lime. Made in Coburg in small batches from quality ingredients (no additives or preservatives).

Ingredients: jalapeno (48%), pineapple juice (29%), lime (1%), vinegar, maple syrup, garlic, salt
Heat: mild

About Danny Balboa's: Danny Balboa's is a Melbourne based, family-owned company that produces small-batch hot sauces and spice rubs. They aim to produce versatile products with a real depth of flavour, not just heat.

Their award-winning products are packed full of fresh and local ingredients, are all gluten-free and vegan friendly, without any nasty additives or preservatives. With heat levels ranging from 'Mild' to 'Wild', there is something to entice everyone, from those just looking to add a little spice to their life to the hardcore chilli fiend.

Made in Woiworung - Melbourne