Kiraana Punjabi Tandoori Seasonings 50g
Kiraana Punjabi Tandoori Seasonings 50g
Vegan Gluten Free
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A smacking smoky spice blend (19 spices!) with a little heat and punch for all your tandoor inspired dishes. Perfect for cooking naan, meat & paneer with a unique smokey flavour. 100% Natural, No preservatives.
Handmade with love by Supriya in Moonee Ponds.
Tandoor is a traditional oven that became popular in Punjab after the partition of India. Dishes like tandoori chicken, paneer masala are all results of this sensational method of cooking.
"Kiraana was started by me, Supriya. I migrated to Australia from India after marrying my beloved husband Jackson.
These simple regional recipes were created centuries ago, each one offers you a nourishing meal featuring produce that has grown in harmony with nature and works to sustain our food economy and culture. At Kiraana we try to keep it as real as possible not only in our blends but also in how we operate. We strive for a balance between supporting local Aussie businesses & Indian suppliers. We care deeply about the impact our business has on the planet & people, so we try to use biodegradable, recyclable packaging where possible."

Ingredients - paprika mild, paprika smokey, kashmiri chilli, turmeric powder, garam masala, ginger, garlic

Texture - Fine

Tasting Notes - Smokey, Savoury

Use - Add 2 tbsp of this blend with 1/2 cup of yoghurt to make a marinade for chicken, paneer (cottage cheese) or veggies. Leave it for 4 hours and then cook on BBQ on skewers or in the oven. Recipe

100% Natural, No Preservatives or additives.

Handmade in Melbourne in small batches.