Cultiv.Ate Burger Patties Carrot, Date & Thyme (pack of 2) 220g
Cultiv.Ate Burger Patties Carrot, Date & Thyme (pack of 2) 220g
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
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A new range of burger patties that celebrate veg made with love in Yarraville!
Taking the humble carrot to a whole new level with a nice balance between natural sweetness & mild spices. All compostable packaging. Snap Frozen for extra freshness. Do not refreeze. Photo is a serving suggestion.

Organic carrots (39%), organic chickpeas (13%), organic brown rice (13%), red onion (10%), organic quinoa (10%), organic potato starch (8%), sea salt (2%), chia seeds (2%), coriander (1%), red chilli (1%), date syrup (1%), cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, paprika, ginger, thyme.
- all natural
- no preservatives
- 100% plant based
- ethically grown

From Dyl & Simo (Founders & Chefs):
Our idea is that plant based eating doesn’t need to be about mimicking meat, but embracing the veg. We are chefs and between us we have 45 years of professional cooking experience. We know and love our flavours and eating great tasting food!!
The Cultiv.ate range includes four different plant based burger patties. We are excited about the future of sustainable eating and bringing it to you through healthy, nutritional, plant based yum.