Resparkle Handwash - Kit 400ml
Resparkle Handwash - Kit 400ml

A gentle foaming hand wash with pure Australian essential oils. This eco-friendly starter kit pairs a reusable, silicon-protected glass bottle with an all-natural antibacterial hand wash powder. Just add water! Plant-based formula & home compostable sachet.

Plant based surfactants, Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Sodium benzonate, Potassium sorbate, Essential oils.

Usage directions:

Cut sachet following the tear line.
Pour powder carefully into the bottle.
Fill the bottle all the way to the top with warm water.
Cap bottle securely and give it a gentle swirl.
Leave for 15 minutes or until the powders are completely dissolved to get the best foam pumps.

Resparkle make all natural, concentrated, plant-based cleaning blends that are diluted at home in a reusable spray bottle. Founded in Melbourne as an affordable, low-packaging alternative to chemical-filled household cleaners, Pearl has created a range committed to effective and innovative products that contain NO Phosphates / Ammonia / Chlorine / Synthetic Chemicals

Made in Australia.