Monsieur Truffe Limited Edition Bar Sticky Date Martini 80g
Monsieur Truffe Limited Edition Bar Sticky Date Martini 80g
Vegan Gluten Free
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Delicious organic 72% dark chocolate with dates macerated in Kahlua, caramel specks & wattlesseds. May contain traces of alcohol.
Note: does not contain Martini.
Beautifully wrapped & great present for chocolate lovers.
Artisan chocolate made locally with passion.
Cacao minimum 72%
Cacao mass, Sugar, Cacao butter, Dates, Kahlua, Wattlesseed, Vanilla powder.

Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place, ideally between 15 & 20C. Do not store in the fridge as condensation damages chocolate.

Here at Monsieur Truffe, we use organic ingredients, and wrap our products in environmentally-friendly packaging. We use recycled paper, and we wrap everything the old-fashioned way, by hand. We have a vast selection of organic chocolate delights, with more lines being added every week. It’s important to us to include all walks of life, so we created a huge range of bars and delights suitable for vegan and gluten free diets, all whilst not compromising on quality or flavour.

Monsieur Truffe operates in an artisanal way, the chocolates are all hand made and hand wrapped. All products are using couverture chocolate (high in cocoa butter).

Made in East Brunswick from local and imported ingredients.