Wheatbags Love Eye Mask Heart Gum
Wheatbags Love Eye Mask Heart Gum
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Super soft eye mask with extra cotton padding inside to block out more light. NOT filled with wheat. Kim creates all of the designs from her watercolour paintings (native Australian flora & fauna). Free gift box included. 100% ethically made in Melbourne.
Size: 20cm x 10cm Elastic 34 cm

How Eye Masks Work
Eye masks work by blocking out the light that comes through your eyelids when your eyes are closed. We sleep better when there’s no light coming through to the eyes. The darker the better!

How To Use
Simply slip the eye mask over your eyes and place the soft elastic around the back of your head. The eye mask will sit comfortably over your eyes and top of your nose to block out light.

Made from
Made from 100% cotton, cotton/bamboo wadding and elastic. These eye masks have no wheat filling.

Wheatbags Love was founded in 2014 by Kim Stark. Back in the day when she was a remedial massage therapist she got a little frustrated by how ugly your standard wheatbag was. What was with all the corduroy in bad colours? Determined not to sell those in her clinic she started making her own. Then she started screen printing her own fabric and selling to other similarly minded clinics and gift stores… 6 years later her love of such a wonderful, helpful product that brings such joy to people hasn’t dimmed.

100% Handmade
Kim and a wonderful team of women work out of a studio in Melbourne where everything is still made by hand using all natural and organic materials. We have a range of delicious scents like lavender, clove and rose which make using our wheatbags and eyepillows that little bit more special.

We think mother nature is the ultimate creative genius so we want to make sure we look after her. We use only natural and organic materials that are biodegradable. We source locally as much as we can and use recyclable packaging. We hate waste so we only cut shapes out of our fabric that will leave minimal waste. Everything is made in our local studio with well-paid staff so we know 100% that our product is ethically manufactured.