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$ Donation to Open Table
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Pay it forward!
With a combined donation tally of over $47,000, our CERES Fair Food community continues to show incredible generosity in support of Open Table's food relief program. You can assist their ongoing work here - sharing free, healthy and delicious food. Thank you!


In response to the pandemic restrictions of 2020, Open Table worked with community partners to provide fresh food relief parcels for people in need. In support, we launched our first Pay It Forward option to help involve our generous Fair Food community in this collective effort. And so we’re glad we did!

To date we have sent over $37,000 of Pay It Forward customer donations, plus a $10,000 contribution from Fair Food at the close of 2021.

These funds have purchased thousands of fresh food parcels for people to cook in their own home, and supported Open Table and their partner’s ongoing monthly market-style foodbank.

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Visit our Share The Harvest page for more info on all our Pay It Forward donation partners.


Donations to Open Table are tax deductible. Claim a tax deduction without a receipt by stating the Organisation Name and ABN (i.e. Open Table | ABN 68387602783)