Harmony Australian Garlic Granules 85g
Harmony Australian Garlic Granules 85g
Harmony Australian Garlic Granules 85g
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A versatile way to add REAL Australian garlic when fresh Australian garlic is not available, or when you are in a rush!
Not organic but grown using organic principles & completely chemical free.
Produce locally in Gordon Victoria.
Dehydrated Australian garlic.

Award winning garlic grower Brian from Gordon, Victoria says:
" Our garlic is grown using organic principles and is completely chemical free. It is 100% Australian grown and is full of flavour – the imported equivalent products don’t come close in quality, freshness or flavour. I’m extremely passionate about doing the right thing by our soils and planet and producing a superior product which provides maximum nutritional value to our customers.
Eat for flavour and not price point. Eat natural and local wherever possible. Celebrate real flavour, real food, friends, family and the good times.

Don’t expect heavily processed foods treated with all types of unnatural chemicals / preservatives or foods that have been kept in long term storage to have the same flavour – because they won’t."