Practical Beekeeper Honey Goldfield - 500g
Practical Beekeeper Honey Goldfield - 500g
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A single source, small-batch, minimally filtered, cold extracted honey sourced right here in Melbourne by CERES own Benedict Hughs! This honey is not heat treated & will naturally solidify in cooler weather. Immerse the jar in warm water & stir the honey for a runnier consistency.

Benedict Hughes is The Practical Beekeeper! A well-known registered Beekeeper, Benedict manages the beehives and delivers educational courses at CERES.

Benedict also manages a number of hives in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and produces small batch, seasonal raw local honey. You will notice that the honey from each suburb will have its own distinct flavours depending upon the flowers in bloom at the time.

Benedict is a passionate believer that a more sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t cost the earth, and so he focuses on sustainable beekeeping, where the welfare of the bees is paramount, as such this is a limited seasonal harvest so make sure you order your jars before they run out.

Ingredients: 100% Australian organic honey.

To find out more about The Practical Beekeeper you can follow him on Facebook: here and you can also subscribe to his YouTube Channel: here

Product of Australia.